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Pro Tip: Temporary Finishes for High Style Apartment Living

Pro Tip: Temporary Finishes for High Style Apartment Living
By RadPad
Posted May 20, 2019

We know it can feel limiting to be unable to make major changes to your apartment like knocking down walls, replacing kitchen cabinets or refinishing your floors. However, we know a few hacks to make your rental feel more like yours without breaking the boundaries of your lease.

We Have This Thing with Floors

Not only does an area rug help you define a space, it’s also a big piece of real estate for self-expression. If your apartment feels a little plain, a rug is the perfect vehicle for introducing a punch of color – the more distinctive, the better! An area rug can really cozy up a place if you’ve got concrete or wood floors. When it’s time to move, roll it up and you’re ready to go. If you like the traditional carpet look, carpet tiles are easy to install (you can stick them together, not to the floor).

If you’re working with a room that is prone to spills and moisture like a kitchen or bathroom, a simple sheet of vinyl flooring can be rolled out and strategically anchored with furniture. Another option to consider are interlocking tiles which come in plenty of contemporary styles and offer some extra cushion for long periods of standing. Click-and-lock laminate flooring can now be installed without nails or adhesives and easily mimics wood and stone for a more polished modern look.

Let’s See If It Sticks

You don’t have to settle for those monotonous white walls (or, even worse, pink?!). While artwork is an excellent way to add a personal touch to your apartment and liven up those walls <Art on A Budget>, sometimes you just want to go bolder. Wallpaper is no longer the flowery option from your grandparents’ era that was messy to put up and even more of a pain to remove.

Removable wallpaper has quickly gained popularity in the last few years for its appeal to those in more transient living situations that still want to make a statement. Many major retailers as well as renowned designers offer gorgeous self-adhesive pieces that can cover all four walls or an accent wall and decals that offer a fun alternative to traditional artwork. They all are easily removable  and leave your walls fresh and clean as if they were never there.

Now, go explore your inner decorator and make that apartment your own!