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Soundproofing Your Apartment

By RadPad
Posted November 5, 2019

Apartment living has a lot to offer – high-end luxuries, financial flexibility, a built-in community – but the urban lifestyle does sometimes come with a bit more background noise. Thankfully, there are several ways to reduce the ambient noise in your home and make sure your rustlings are the only ones you hear.


Shut the Front Door

A surprising amount of noise can enter your apartment from your hallway if there are large air gaps around your front door. If you can see light under the door or around the sides, sound will also travel through, as well. Simply adding weather-stripping will significantly reduce this noise while also keeping the temperature just how you want it on your side.


Bouncing Off the Walls

The simplest way to reduce noise is to minimize the hard surfaces in a room that reflect sound. A carpet or rug with a thick pad underneath can reduce overall noise level significantly. Another option is to install a faux built-in bookshelf or even a second wall – just be sure it fits snug with minimal gaps between it and the wall.


Functional Art

Three-dimensional acoustic panels would be a gorgeous addition to your walls, regardless of your need to mitigate noise. Long used by recording studios because of their superior sound-absorbing properties, they can be a defining element of your décor with an unlimited pattern and color palate to choose from.


Sound Asleep

Perhaps the room you want to keep quiet the most is your bedroom. Not only do blackout curtains block out that too-early morning sun, they also adsorb outside noise and help to moderate temperature. The heavier and thicker the material and the closer you install it flush with the wall, the better it will perform. If you don’t want to install curtains, clear acoustic window inserts can reduce noise by 50-70% and come custom-made to the size of your window – just press into place and pop out when you want to let in some fresh air.


Follow these quick and easy steps and don’t let traffic, pedestrians, dogs or next-door neighbors get on your last nerve!