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What to Ask When Apartment Hunting

what to ask when apartment hunting
By RadPad
Posted July 15, 2019

Let’s face it, when rental markets are hot, apartment hunting can be stressful as places can get snapped up quickly. To help you maximize your time, we’ve compiled a list of important questions to keep in mind while you’re on the hunt.

What to ask when apartment hunting


  • What is your screening process?
  • What is the length of the lease?
  • How much is the base monthly rent?
  • Are you currently offering any lease signing specials?
  • How much is the security deposit?
  • Are there any other up-front payments?
  • What options are offered for paying rent?
  • What, if any, utilities are included in the rent?
  • What utilities is the tenant responsible for?
  • What were the rent increases (if any) over the last few years?
  • How much advance notice is required before moving out? 
  • Under what circumstances will a security deposit not be refunded?
  • What is the policy on subletting?
  • Are there any customization options available?
  • What is the turnover rate in the building?
  • Will the unit be painted and cleaned prior to move-in?
  • What appliances are included with the unit? How old are they?
  • Is there central air conditioning?
  • Can the tenant adjust the heat or A/C temperature?
  • Who is responsible for changing the filters in the air conditioning unit and light bulbs in provided equipment? 
  • Where are the laundry facilities?
  • Is there storage available? 
  • Is there bike storage?
  • Is there dedicated parking?
  • Are there quiet hours?
  • Can you hear other tenants easily through floors or walls?
  • What are the rules for non-tenant access?
  • How do guests enter the building?
  • If there’s a balcony, are there community rules regarding items on it? 
  • What notice is the landlord required to give before entering the apartment? 
  • How are maintenance requests handled?
  • How are complaints handled? 
  • Is there any construction planned?
  • What is the pet policy?
  • Is there an alarm? 
  • Are there sprinklers?
  • What is cell phone service like?
  • Would you live here?

Now that you’re armed with good questions to ask, don’t forget to bring along anything you could need to apply. A good general list is: your most recent month’s worth of pay stubs and/or a bank statement, driver’s license or other ID, previous landlord information, proof of employment or an offer letter, and a way to pay any application fees. Make the most of your full day of apartment touring, a little preparation can go a long way to increase your chances of landing that dream apartment.

what to ask when apartment hunting